The Reciprocating Surveyors’ Boards of Australia and New Zealand have a commitment to the principle of mutual recognition of professional registration between the jurisdictions of all Australian States and Territories and New Zealand. The historic commitment made by the inaugural Conference of Reciprocating Surveyors’ Boards in 1892 has long been embodied in the survey legislation of all jurisdictions.


These Boards are:

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  1. Standards and guidelines for training and competency assessment of surveyors.

  2. Standards for surveying and best practice methods.

  3. Reciprocal arrangements.

  4. Implications of land administration reforms, as they relate to regulation and competencies required of land surveyors.

Strategic Matters

To ensure that the community has confidence in professional surveyors, the Council encourages jurisdictions to adopt standards for best practice in surveying and supports mutual recognition of registered /licensed surveyors, for Australia and New Zealand.

Our Vision
Functions of the Boards

Although the specific functions of the Boards varies between jurisdictions their primary function is the registration or licensing of surveyors to conduct land title surveys. The Boards consequently set standards of education and practical experience for the registration or licensing of surveyors. The Boards also advise and make recommendations on standards and procedures relating to surveys for land title and tenures, and on the administration of survey matters. 

In addition, the Boards exercise certain disciplinary powers in cases where a surveyor is charged with negligence, incompetence, falsification or failure to observe the Survey Regulations.

Persons registered with a Board are deemed to be competent.

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